Friday, 3 January 2014

Ukraine Model Alisa Participated in Miss Scuba International 2013

How long have you been SCUBA diving
I started last year, when my boyfriend introduced this exciting sport to me. But I was not a certified diver, when I made my first 2 dives, although I have been dreaming about it since my first dive.
I got certified shortly before the MSI contest.

How many dives have you done?
So far I have done just 10 dives.

Describe your first dive. How did you feel – nervous, scared, excited, thrilled, etc?
My first dive was in a special deep pool in my home country. I was thrilled and excited and was not scared at all, because I was guided by a good instructor. The same moment I went under the water, I felt even more excited! No nervous at all. I feeling of freedom.

What did you think after it was over?
I felt that I need to repeat this again! :-)

What is your favorite dive spot so far?
Definitily, it is Sipadan

What did you like about it?
Everything! :-) It is even same great above the water, as under it. I liked the clean water with great visibility, the variety of flora and fauna and specially green turtles! They are so amazing. I was afraid of the sharks before my first dive there, but they were so friendly that my fear just vanished.

Why did you join the Miss SCUBA International competition? 
I joined thanks to Carat Comms, who just persuaded me with her charm. Yeah, I was hesitating, because it was a great responsibility and I was not really prepared for that. However, I don't regret about my decision at all and even opposite. As a nature lover, I have strong sympathy to organisations that help to preserve our world. I think that was one of the reasons.

What is the highlight of your experience so far?
I was very impressed with the lectures by I'm FINished with fins about sharks. Frankly, I was afraid of the sharks before the contest. But it was all because of the movies. In fact, they don't attack people, if they are not provoked. And they are not dangerous for us, as we are dangerous for them. Killing sharps for fin soup is just unacceptable.

How did you get into modeling?
There is nothing special in this story. I got acquainted with an agent in my home country and he proposed me the contract. That's how it started.

What do you like about it?
I like the ability to travel, meet new people and experience how they live.

How do you think your life would change if you won the MSI competition? 
I'm not sure how exactly it would change, but it would definitely change. I would be involved in lot of activities related to marine conservation and I would do my best to show with my own example that it is possible to live in this world in harmony with the environment.

Do you think you will continue to SCUBA dive after the MSI competition is over?
Of course! No doubt in that!

As I told, I started diving before the contest. I also enjoy freediving and will continue experiencing underwater world, because it is so thrilling! I believe that diving makes people come closer to nature, which helps to convince them to stop harming it.

What other hobbies and interests do you have?
I enjoy all activities connected with nature and particularly with water - snorkelling, freediving and swimming.
Apart from that, I really enjoy flowers watching, painting and interior designing.

What do you like about them?
As I said, I believe that water makes people understand nature better. And I just adore nature, animals and plants. Moreover, I have some special feeling of relaxation, when I'm in the water. Painting helps me to express my vision and emotions. The same is for interior design.

Tell us about your hometown. What makes it special? Why should we go?
My home city is named Mykolayiv. It is not a big one. Its location is strategical. It is located not far from the Black Sea and is surrounded by 2 rivers almost like an island. There is a very old Greek settlement located next to it, where one can witness the life of our ancestors. My hometown also has catacombs in the underground, which form a kind of other city. But that part is not well explored.

Alisa was represented to Miss Scuba International 2013 held at Kota Kinabalu on 20Dec by Carat Comms.

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