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GURKHAS are a branded global name renowned as among the fiercest warriors ever to take up arms. These gutsy troopers from Nepal regularly receive high valour awards from both Britain and India because of their skilful bravery and academic brilliance.


Now in the Malaysian and Asean market, the Gurkhas Group G3S has grown in leaps and bounds since 1997, led by an ex-British Army soldier-officer, and starting their prominence from the security domain. Today, it has a formidable strength of 200 employees, the group has diversifed its versatile portfolilo and opened its office in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Presently, it provides Recruitment, Training and Placement of Human Capital in the Construction, Hospitality, Security and Cleaning Industry.


In line with the Malaysia government directive, the group aims to work closely with department and local agencies to provide re-skills for a timely redeployment in the sector in a bid to reduce the unemployment rate and salvage livelihood.


Given  a long diplomatic ties between Nepal and Malaysia, the Gurkhas Group further aims to provide an expertise in skilled migrant professionals into the Malaysia market. Notably, Nepal is the second largest source of country of foreign workers to Malaysia.


The chairman, Mr T Prakash Pun, an ex-British Gurkha of Gurkhas Group, is pleased to announce as a reliable one-stop centre for both local and Nepalese market. It offers growth opportunities, training and working visas. While local re-skills and attracting skilled professionals into Malaysia become the main core, the group has not lost sight of enhancing ties in the education sector, too.


With top-ranked tie-ups with leading Malaysia Universities, the group also aims to attract an academic breed of Nepalese students into Malaysia for further education. This could be further widened into the chosen area depending on the need and demands of the local market.


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